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Latest Fishing Activity:

Type Date User Caption
discussdisc 4/21/13 agizmofish Just got here!
catchcatch 12/9/12 agizmofish Mixed bag
spotspot 2/23/12 agizmofish Nokomis Beach
spotspot 6/21/09 jjunkin Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Regional B
spotspot 6/21/09 jjunkin Fishermans Wharf
spotspot 6/21/09 jjunkin North Venice Jetty
spotspot 6/21/09 jjunkin Nokomis Beach Boat Ramp
spotspot 6/21/09 jjunkin S Venice Jetty
spotspot 6/21/09 jjunkin Venice Pier
spotspot 6/21/09 jjunkin Higel Marine Park

The most popular fish caught in the City of Venice in July are White Grunt, Gray Snapper, Red Grouper, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel

Popular fishing sites in Venice during July are Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Regional B, Fishermans Wharf, Higel Marine Park, Venice Pier, S Venice Jetty

Hot Fish in Venice in July

NameAvg WeightAvg Length
White Grunt 2.210.5
Gray Snapper 2.512.7
Red Grouper 7.122.1
Sheepshead 2.313.0
Spanish Mackerel 2.416.6
Gag 6.623.3
Dusky Anchovy 1.9
Dolphin 3.920.9
Little Tunny 7.523.1
Southern Kingfish 10.9

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